On the Road

We try our best to keep our calendar here up to date. However sometimes we do not know our route long ahead and changes happens as we go. For example rain will probably keep us away. Check our Facebook profile for latest updates.

If you want to make sure we have some pieces on our table at certain place so you can look it up closer or tip us about event you want us to come with our stuff you can tell us about it using contact form.

30.8.-1.9. Silakkamarkkinat - Pori
7.-8.9. Open Doors Leaf - Our Shop - Leaf-Center Kärsämäentie 35 Turku
15.9. Korson maalaismarkkinat - Korso (Vantaa) (squire 56DE)
19.-21.9. Tammisaaren syysmarkkinat - Raasepori (squire 87)
22.9. Keski-Uudenmaan suurmarkkinat - Hyrylä (Tuusula) (squire 99A)
27.-29.9. Salon markkinat - Salo (squire 63)
2.-3.11. Great Fair of Kymi - Kotka (Ruonala Hall) (squire 28)
9.-10.11. Great Botnian Fair - Seinäjoki (Arena) (squire 20)
16.-17.11. Great Savonian Fair - Kuopio (Kuopio Hall) (squire 48)
23.-24.11. Botnian X-mas Fair - Vaasa (Botniahall)
6.-8.12. Joensuu X-mas Fair - Joensuu (Arena) (squire 87)
14.-15.12. Lahti X-mas Fair - Lahti (Fair Centre) (squire E65)
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3 x Skeleton Mug 12cm
1 x Shiny Skull Skull Goblet small 7x7x14cm
1 x Shiny Skull Goblet small 7x7x14cm
3 x Brains out skull - t-light 16x16cm
3 x Golden skull 14cm
5 x Clockwork orange skull 14x11,5cm
2 x "Welcome to Hell" wallplague 26cm
2 x Huge skull - bank 42x34cm
3 x Skull Silver Bullet Iroquois 11x17cm
3 x Skeleton Welcome with T-light 13cm
2 x Indian skull 11x11cm
2 x Helmet skull 12cm
2 x Death - Two Skulls with T-lights 19x21cm
3 x Skull Carafe bright 75cl 14x10x16cm
2 x Black skull mug 13cm
1 x Glass Wolf 9cm
2 x Skull Tankard 12cm
1 x Sugar Ashtray 13cm
2 x Antler Wolf Knife 32cm
1 x Wooden Stand Indian Knife 25cm
1 x Colorful Wolf Mug 15x11cm
3 x Wooden Stand Wolf Knife 25cm
2 x Belt Buckle Bling Bling Elvis 10x6cm
2 x Belt Buckle Fuck 9cm
1 x Belt Buckle DG 11cm
5 x Skull Toilet Brush
1 x Skeleton Welcome 20x15cm
1 x Iron Cross Dagger 47cm
2 x White skull 14cm
3 x T-light skull skeleton 25x22cm
1 x Skull in gift bag - silver 3,5cm
2 x Skull with USA glasses 12cm
2 x Skull in gift bag - black 3,5cm
1 x Plain skull 15cm
3 x King skull - bank 11x14cm
3 x Earmonster skull - bank 25x17cm
1 x Modern Outlaw Dagger 1 31cm
5 x Double Skull Shakers 10x10cm
1 x Double Dragon Skull Dagger 33cm
1 x Belt Buckle Dollar Lighter 10cm
1 x Wooden Stand Eagle Knife 25cm
1 x Wooden Stand Bear Knife 25cm
2 x Grim reaper lamp 45cm
1 x Belt Buckle Open for Business 9cm
3 x Skull with a cap backwards 15x13cm
1 x Wolf clock 16x28cm
1 x Key Cabinet Fine Beer 40cm
2 x Centurion skull 22cm
2 x Chef skull 11cm
4 x Horn-helmet skull with spike-mohawk 32x24cm
1 x Skull Candelabrum 29cm
1 x Belt Buckle Black Iron Cross 8x8cm
1 x Belt Buckle Four Sculls 10cm
1 x Belt Buckle Pin Up 12cm
1 x Belt Buckle Cherries 8cm
1 x Belt Buckle Eagle 14cm
1 x Belt Buckle Fox 9cm
1 x Belt Buckle Hip Hop 11cm
1 x Belt Buckle Lucky-13 12cm
1 x Belt Buckle Bling Bling Baby 10cm
1 x Belt Buckle Elvis 10cm
1 x Skull Carafe black 75cl 14x10x16cm
1 x Eagle with the USA flag 28x28cm
2 x Pink skull 15cm
1 x Skull with black beanie 13cm
1 x Skull with white helmet 15x13cm
1 x Zombie wine bottle holder 17x15cm
1 x Route 66 Key Cabinet - car 40cm
1 x Helmet goblet 19cm
1 x Tribal goblet 19cm
2 x Pink skull 13cm
2 x Skull chess 32x32cm
2 x Reaper wall-peace with LED-lantern 30x31cm
1 x Tribal Skull 13cm
1 x Skull with wings and T-light 17x17cm
1 x Skull with horn-helmet 15cm
1 x Skull t-light holder white 6,5cm
1 x Skull castle + 16 small skulls 25x22cm
1 x Skull Raven on Top 16x22cm
2 x Angel of Death t-light 17x28cm
1 x Bronze skull 14cm
1 x Skeleton Guitarist 21cm
1 x Centurion skull with studs 19cm
1 x Skull of terminator 13cm
1 x Silver skull 16x14cm
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